Thursday, 2 May 2013

Internal Combustion

In our first workshop Nuts & Bolts (which you can read about here: ) we talked about the structure of a story - how every story (as distinct from, but not as opposed to, a work of literature) has a shape, a necessary structure composed of different elements.

Internal Combustion will build on this idea.  We'll be talking about what drives a story, what makes it move.  

There's more than one answer but we'll be talking about how conflict creates motion: internal conflict, external conflict, interpersonal conflict.

Of course, in nearly any story, it's characters that make things happen, and we'll be talking about that too; but specifically about conflict contained within characters.
Since our focus will be these mechanical elements of story-telling, the workshop is suitable for writers whose first language is not English, and also for writers from different disciplines - fiction, screenwriting, stage plays, even poetry.

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