Friday, 25 October 2013

Dr Invasive's Story Surgery

This poor fellow is in a bad way

Our previous two workshops, Nuts & Bolts and Internal Combustion having exhausted our stock of mechanical metaphors, our next workshop will take its title from the world of medicine: Painful Surgery.

In fact we have every hope that the workshop will be no more painful than is necessary.

The workshop will concentrate on participants' works-in-progress and we will spend time discussing what is working in a story and what needs a generous dose of Dr Invasive's Patented Cure-All.  

"Holistic my... third eye," says Dr Invasive with unnecessary dismissiveness.
We'll be taking a holistic approach to the health of the story, examining in particular how each part of a story relates to the whole: character, story-points, language, etc.

Very often there is a single identifiable problem that can be addressed, and we'll help to root it out.  In addition to diagnosing what is wrong with a story, we'll also be prescribing a course of treatment to help get your story back on its feet.

If you'd like to participate please let us know: smallhushedwaves (at)

The workshop will take place on Sunday 3rd November from 1:30 to 4:30 in Sterling Books, 38 Wolvengracht / Rue du Foss√© aux Loups, 1000 Brussels
Their website is:

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